Rajasthan is a fast-growing state. As such, there is a great demand for young, dynamic, reliable personnel. It is very difficult for a new business to find and recruit exceptional talent without expending a lot of resources.

At the same time, Rajasthan is one of the states with the highest number of young men in uniform in the Services. These men retire at a very young age, and have been trained in the services for a variety of different professions.

So on the one hand you have a demand for qualified manpower; on the other, you have an ample supply of qualified manpower. Our Welfare Society operates as a bridge, connecting the demand with the supply. We do the recruiting and the selection; you just specify your requirements and relax. Our Welfare Society has been recognized by the Government of Rajasthan, and supplies manpower to several departments of the Government, as well as to several Public Sector Undertakings.

We see this as a service we provide to make Rajasthan a better place to do business; as well as a service to the young men who gave the youth of their lives to the service of the Country.